Welcome to my FAQ page, hopefully I can answer your questions here. If there is anything I missed please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.
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How do I purchase prints?

I accept cash, checks and credit cards.
After your session I will load your best photos in a gallery for you to look through. After that I’m happy to schedule a time we can sit down together to go through your photos so you can see them without a watermark and I can answer any questions you have. At this time you can decide on your favorite images and what you would like to do with them. Your options include purchasing digital images, prints, wall art, fine art editing, and fun gifts.
If I took your picture at a horse show and you wish to order prints or digitals you can either follow the directions below or you can let me know what you would like to order and I’ll take care of it for you.
First select Purchase Prints or View Your Event from my main menu on the top of my website or just select the link from here. Once you’re there you can purchase prints one of two ways.

The first way is the easiest way to choose individual photos to print.

The first way is to browse the prints available and when you find one you want you can select that photo to make it large. Then if you look in the bottom right hand corner you will see a small shopping cart icon. Select that and a box will open that will allow you to choose what size and type of print you want. Once you have made your choice you just click the button to add it to the cart and when you’re all done shopping you check out.

The second way is the best way to purchase a package deal (ie: if you want to order 10 social media size digital photos for $90 from an event I photographed.)

The second way is to look below the main photo of any of my photo albums and choose Print Store. From there you can choose which size and type of print you’re interested in or which package you want and then you can browse the photos to choose which ones you want. After you’ve made all your selections, you add it to the cart and when you’re all done you check out.
If you have any trouble please feel to free to contact me. photo@prairiethunder.com  (605)490-2790.

How do Sessions work?

I used to have a lot of complicated packages with different levels and different amounts of digital images and prints included, etc. It all got overwhelming and way too complicated, so I have gone to a much more simple system. So now my session fee is lower and just covers your session and a few social media size digital images. After you see your photos you can purchase only what you really want instead of having to choose a package that has things you don’t really want.
The way my sessions work is once you get in contact with me we start with picking a date. I will book sessions up to a year out, so if the session is more than a couple of months away I typically have you pick a preferred week. Then when the shoot is about a month out I will get in touch and we’ll pick a date and time. Priority for choosing dates and times is given in the order of who paid a reservation fee at the earliest date. So it is worth while to book early so you can better choose your ideal date and time. Once a date is chosen I’ll send you an invoice to pay the reservation fee. The cost of the reservation fee is $100. All reservation fees will be subtracted from the total cost of your package. For example if you chose a $250 package you would pay a $100 reservation fee and the remaining $150 would be due at your session. I will also send you a contract to look over and sign that outlines specifics about my process, copyright information and gives you guarantees that I will hold up my end of the agreement.
About a week before your session I will get in touch with some questions so I can make sure your session is how you want it to be. Once the date comes for your session, I will meet you at the time and place we agree on. The remaining cost of the package you chose is due at or prior to your photo session. Once the session is done I’ll get the photos sorted as soon as possible. It will likely take at least a week but possibly longer depending on how many I have to edit at the time, typically anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Once your photos are ready to view I will load a gallery for you to see your photos! I’m also very happy to set up a time and date to get together with you so we can go over your photos, you can ask any questions you have, and you can see your photographs without a watermark. At this time you can pick out your favorites and what you would like to do with them. I have many options including purchasing digital images, prints, wall art, fine art edits, and fun gifts. In this way you basically create your own package by only purchasing the items you really want. You can see what’s available by visiting my Prints & Wall Prices Page.
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Can I make payments?

Yes, if you need to split up the cost of your session we can do that. Just ask me about it and we’ll figure out what will work best for you.
Dogs with collar

What should we wear to our family shoot?

Wear what makes you feel beautiful/handsome. For the family shoots, it’s always great if you can choose a theme, everyone where something blue or black leather jackets with blue jeans, for instance.
Dogs with collar

What if my dog can’t be off leash?

That is no problem at all, leashes can be removed in Photoshop at no additional charge. You’re dogs safety is always my first consideration. I also have long leashes we can use if need be so we can give your dog the semblance of freedom without actually turning him/her lose. As an example, the photo’s on the left and right are the same photo, I removed their collars in Photoshop in the one on the right. (The photos are above and below the text if you are viewing mobile)
Dogs with collars removed

Is your studio safe to turn my pet loose in?

Absolutely, it is completely secure, your pet can’t get out once we shut the door. I also clean and disinfect after every session. So whatever pet you have, cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, etc. It is a safe environment where they can poke around and get comfortable for their photo shoot.
Kitty in studio

How should I prepare my pet?

That is up to you. If you are looking to do marketing photos for show animals then you want to clean and trim them as if they were going to a show. If the shoot is for family photo’s then have your pet prepared how you like to see them best. If that’s freshly groomed, then do that. If you prefer them all natural that’s great too.
Kitty Play

What should I bring for my pet?

Make sure you have a collar or harness and leash just to be on the safe side. Also please bring your animals favorite toy or blanket, as we often get the best photos when your animal is happily playing with their favorite toy. Don’t forget your animals favorite treat. I have a variety of treats as well but if you have something your pet really loves or you prefer to give to your pet definitely bring that along. Obviously these guidelines are primarily for dogs but they also apply to cats and birds for instance. Also feel free to bring along anything else you would like included in your photos. If you are getting photos of your show animal be sure to bring along any awards you want in your photos. Pretty tack for your horse, favorite halters or bridles, etc.
Dog with ball
girl with snake

What if I want photos with my pet?

You are always welcome to join in the photographs of your pet!
boy with dog

How many of my pets can be included in the photo shoot?

With the premium photos session, all of your pets can be included as long as they can be handled where the session is located. The more pets added the more time the session is likely to take. For the mini session up to 2 pets can be included as mini sessions are only 30 minutes long. If you would like more animals in your mini session just talk with me and we’ll figure it out. For horse, livestock, and animal breeders sessions we start with up to 4 animals, more can be added for $50 per additional animal and they come with additional images per animal. For Black Background sessions, we start with up to 2 animals and additional animals can be added for $75 per animal and comes with additional digital images per animal.

What kind of animals do you take pictures of?

I am happy to photograph any animals as long as they are not mean or aggressive. I’m happy to work with dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, snakes, lizards, spiders, birds, horses, goats, chickens, cattle, sheep, pigs and anything else you can think of. I love them all and have set up my studio to be a safe and secure environment for the smaller animals.
dog jumping

Will you come to my house for a photo shoot?

Yes, I’m happy to come to your house as long as you have either a pretty outdoor area to take photos in or an open area in your house I can set up a portable studio in. I usually need around 10 feet by around 15 feet to make an indoor studio work for small animals. I am also happy to go to a location of your choice. If you have a favorite park or lake you want to meet at, that works great. Anywhere within 50 miles of Bear Butte I will travel to for free. If you are beyond 50 miles I charge $.50 per additional mile. You are also welcome to come to my studio where we can do indoor and outdoor photos. We have some beautiful scenery in our windbreak right behind my studio. You can see examples of the scenery we have by visiting my packages & pricing page.

Boy and Cow

Do you photograph large animals or farm animals?

Yes, I am happy to photograph any animals. I have many years of experience with horses in particular. I raised warmbloods for 30 years and am very familiar with horses of all ages as well as most farm animals. I’m happy to take conformation photos for advertising, movement photos and portrait photos of you with your animals or just your animals. If you want at liberty photos we need to have a safe place to turn them out, preferably a grassy field but if a dirt arena is what’s available we can make that look beautiful as well.

What should I wear for photos with my pets?

Be sure to wear something that is comfortable to sit on the ground in. Also try to choose a color that does not blend in with your pet. So if you have a black cat or dog try to wear a lighter color so you don’t fade into each other. It’s best not to wear something with too busy of a pattern. Other than that wear what you would like to have photos in.

What if I have a scar or acne on the day of my shoot?

Not to worry, I can help with that in photoshop after your shoot. For most acne or scars the cost is only $5 a photo to touch it up. I can also remove or smooth out double chins. So relax and don’t stress, you’re going to look beautiful!

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