These are the different options for purchasing digital images and edits for your photo session.

Low Resolution Social Media Size Digital Images

If you wish to purchase more digital images than what comes with your session you are welcome to do that. These digital images are sized to be perfect for your social media pages and for sharing online. They are not large enough to print well but could be used for small printed images up to 4×6’s. The copyright remains with Prairie Thunder Photography LLC.

These prices are for sessions, horse shows and clinics.

Number of Photos 1 5 10 20 Full Session
Social Media Size Low Resolution with small watermark
$15 $65 $130 $200 $400

High Resolution Digital Images

These images have a high ppi making them good for printing large prints and wall art. These images come with a print release and are for personal use. The copyright remains with Prairie Thunder Photography LLC.

Please contact me for more information and prices of high resolution digital images.

Photoshop Edits

  • Leash and lead rope removal is complementary.

  • Removal of most small objects is complementary.

  • Black Background finishing on an image that I set up at one of my sessions = $15

  • Changing a background to a black background (for appropriate photos) = $25 – $50

  • Changing the background to a white background (for appropriate photos) = $40 – $60

  • Fixing a facial blemish (scars, acne, double chin, etc.) = $2 – $20

  • Large object removal = $5 – $50

  • Fine Art Edit with painted custom background (photo to the right) = $100

  • A photo composite that combines two photos will vary in cost depending on the edit requested.


After blemish and double chin removal


After blemish removal

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