Luxury Guild Canvas

There are multiple beautiful framing options available. You can see examples of them at:

Frame Options

These museum quality, handmade canvases are unlike any other canvases you have seen or felt before. They’re so thick and durable you can even clean them with windex or water! Each canvas comes stretched tight as a drumhead with hand painted clear acrylic brushstroking, a certificate of authenticity and a canvas crate for safe traveling. These come with a one time replacement guarantee.

Why Handmade Canvas?


Natural Fiber Canvas Texture
Heavy, Solid Wood Frames


Stripped and Bonded from Print to Canvas
Canvas Texture is Smoothed Under Faces
Stretched by Hand, Tight as a Drumhead
Wrap Corners Always Folded, Never Cut
Clear Acrylic Brushstroking Painted by Hand


Several Coats of Lacquer for Added Protection
Custom Wood Crate for Safe Keeping and Travel
Easy to Clean with Windex or Water


No Sizing Limit on Long Edge
Certificate of Authenticity on Every Canvas

Here is a short video about these beautiful canvases!

Durability test! Kids with finger paints!

Long Side Just the Canvas

no frame

Canvas with

Tier 1 Frame

Canvas with

Tier 2 Frame

Canvas with

Tier 3 Frame

Canvas with

Tier 4 Frame

10″ $448 $558 $708 $858 $1008
12″ $500 $610 $760 $910 $1060
14″ $540 $650 $800 $950 $1100
18″ $660 $825 $975 $1125 $1275
20″ $960 $1070 $1220 $1370 $1520
24″ $1200 $1310 $1460 $1610 $1760
30″ $1440 $1550 $1700 $1850 $2000
36″ $1780 $1890 $2040 $2190 $2340
40″ $2000 $2110 $2260 $2410 $2560
45″ $2440 $2550 $2700 $2850 $3000
50″ $3100 $3210 $3360 $3510 $3660

Regular Canvases

All canvases are printed on certified archival quality canvas. These canvases measure 1½” in depth, are hand-made and come ready to hang with sawtooth hangers. They can be finished with Classic or Pearl canvas. Pearl features a pearlescent surface to add a bit of shine and pop to your image.

A gel coat can be added to add extra protection to your canvas for $75.

A frame can also be added starting at $150

Other sizes available

Size Price
8×10 $180
11×14 $225
16×24 $330
24×36 $570

Gallery Wrap Canvas with frame

Gallery Wrap Canvas


Metal prints are the perfect statement pieces. Using an innovative dye sublimation process, they are printed directly onto high quality aluminium for a clean and lasting finish, while showing off vibrant colors for an impressive display.

Metal Prints are made from 100% recyclable aluminum. Printed on a White Base, this includes a coat of white ink which is added to the metal surface for enhanced color and brightness. Our Metal Prints are waterproof, UV resistant, and come ready to hang with a float mount in all sizes except the 4×4, that comes with kick stand for putting on a desk.

A frame can be added starting at $150

Other sizes available

Size Price
6×6 $72
8×10 $102
11×14 $174
16×24 $357
24×36 $792

Vivid Metal Glossy

The kitty photo is Vivid Metal Glossy

Vivid Metal Matte

The photo of the girl is Vivid Metal Matte

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